Summer is on its way! Time to break out the Summer clothes and pack for that vacation you’ve been meaning to take all year. Let’s highlight the keyword “pack” one moment here. It’s the one step between you and the plane. We can all agree that packing is hard. Everyone that we follow on Instagram makes it look easy, but there’s no getting around it- it’s difficult. Of course, there are packing blocks to save storage, Marie Kondo for expert folding tricks, and the method to throw everything you think you’ll need on your bed then throwing only half of it into your carry-on. 
All methods work, but most travelers tend to forget to pack travel essentials. You know to pack travel documents i.e. passports, chargers, phone, keys, wallet, but what else could you possibly be forgetting? Don’t worry, Erasable Inc Med Spa has your back with our top 5 suitcase must-haves for Summer travel. 


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Let’s go straight into what we know best! As a company based in the sunshine state, we constantly pack a weekender bag to head into even sunnier destinations in South Florida or historical gems like St. Augustine. Where do we head to when we want the best skincare in travel-friendly sizes? Our SkinMedica® online store of course! It is packed with travel-sized options that protect, moisturize, and restores your skin for all the sun you’ll be getting on your Summer travels.
Pro Tip: Erasable Inc Med Spa’s SkinMedica® Glow on the Go Essentials System. Available at the SkinMedica® online store, this may look little but it packs a punch to any damage your skin may face while on the beach or exploring with your friends. It includes all of our fan favorites such as our facial cleanser, Lumivive Day Damage Defense Serum, Lumivive Night Revitalize Repair Complex, HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator, and topping it all off with our Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum SPF 34/PA Sunscreen. 
Best part? It’s already in a travel case! All you need to do is drop it into your luggage with your makeup and other toiletries. Truly, summer travel must-have in your suitcase, grab your SkinMedica® Glow on the Go Essentials System here.


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Number 1 item to pack for a tropical locale? Bathing suits! As experts in everything tropical, we recommend bringing three swimsuits paired with flowy dresses that are easy to pull on and off for immediate jumps in the water. Outfits with these factors in mind will make it easier to transition from day to night with a simple shoe and undergarment change. Flowy outfits and bathing suits equal lighter and less material to pack. This means more space to pack a hat to keep that precious head of yours void of scalp burn, more shoes to style your ensembles with, and a layer or two. A layer or two? Oh yes, this is going to be our second pro tip.
Pro Tip: Stay weatherproofed for rain and cold! Especially if you plan to travel somewhere tropical like our hometown- Tampa, FL. It’s all fun in the sun until a storm rolls in and you need to layer fast! That’s why we recommend bringing at least ONE layer that is lightweight and rainproof! It also keeps the chilly airplane cabin at bay. Trust us on this one!

On The Move

Whether you’re on the plane or traveling to the next destination’s hotspot, there are items you always bring. What’s in our carry-on? Snacks (always), our HA5®rejuvenating hydrator, and headphones. If there’s one thing to count on while traveling, it’s delays or long travel times. That’s why these travel essentials are always a grab away in our carry-on when we’re on the move. 
Headphones are the number one travel essential for any person looking to entertain themselves while traveling. At least for us! If a perfectly curated Summer playlist isn’t your recommended form of bringing on your vacation vibes, how about a good Summer read? Take a look at the weekly bestseller list to take your pick. If you’re looking for something to hit you in the feels but laugh hysterically, we hear Chelsea Handler’s new book is the perfect fit.
Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite Bravo shows either! The best part of traveling to a tropical Summer destination is watching an episode of Summer House where they celebrate Summer each weekend or watching The Real Housewives where they go on a lavish tropical vacation every three episodes. Catch those summer vibes with a lightweight laptop like a Chromebook or tablet that fits your viewing needs while staying travel-friendly in your purse or carry-on. 
The one reason why our hydrator cream stays close to us in our carry-on is that traveling dehydrates you. Whether you’re high in the sky or walking in the sun, the Summer heat will be a scorcher that leads to major dehydration that can end up with dry skin, dizziness, and dry mouth. Keep yourself and your skin hydrated by buying a large water bottle and travel-sized hydrator for your plane or car ride, however you choose to travel for your Summer adventure. Just make sure constant hydration is a travel essential! 
Pro Tip: Grab a travel water bottle that will retain the cold water temperature. We applaud those that want to bring a gallon BUT that is not recommended for carrying around while traveling to and from your destination. Plus, you get great karma points for buying a reusable bottle instead of using plastic bottles. Drink well, do good and keep your body happy.
No matter what you pack, Erasable Inc Med Spa has your best travel-sized skincare products. Check out the SkinMedica® online store to see how you can keep your skin in top shape no matter where your seasonal choices take you. If you’re a local in our sunny city of Tampa, FL come in for a pre or post vacation treatment to get your ultimate glow on!

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