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Sculpt the Body of Your Dreams

Even if you’re committed to eating healthy and hitting the gym, sometimes unseen factors can make it hard to lose weight. Genetics, hormones, pregnancy, and other reasons can lead to your body storing stubborn fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. At Erasable Med Spa, we offer a suite of treatments for nonsurgical body sculpting in Tampa that can help you shed fat, build muscle, and live confidently.

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Benefits of Body Sculpting

Results that Work

Body sculpting in Tampa delivers serious results; our treatments will reduce fat and build muscle. Body sculpting is a great way to achieve your desired figure and meet your aesthetic goals.

Safe, Reliable Treatments

Every one of our services has undergone rigorous testing and has been approved for medical use. All of our sculpting tools are very safe and deliver reliable, measurable results to help your figure.

Expert Medical Care

The team at Erasable Med Spa is filled with talented providers with decades of combined experience. Better yet, we’re a kind and empathetic group fully devoted to your health and wellness.

What to Expect

The Body Sculpting Process

Step 1: Consultation

When you visit Erasable Med Spa for body sculpting in Tampa, you’ll start off with a complimentary consultation with one of our expert providers. During this conversation, we take the time to learn more about you and develop your personalized treatment plan. By learning your wants and needs, we can deliver the best possible treatment.

Step 2: Treatment

During your appointment(s), it’s easy to sit back, relax, and let our body sculpting devices do the work. After we select the area(s) to be treated, the device is positioned on your body. While it works, you may choose to read, check email, or even take a nap. Our body sculpting treatments typically require 2 or more treatments, depending on your desired results.

Step 3: Results

You won’t have any downtime after body sculpting in Tampa; you’re free to return to your normal activities right after your session! You’ll start seeing results a few weeks after your treatment. Body sculpting results are permanent but will be affected by lifestyle and weight changes. Be sure to continue to eat healthy and keep active!

How Body Sculpting Works

At Erasable Med Spa, we’re committed to using cutting-edge treatments and technologies to create stunning results in our patients. Our body sculpting tools harness the power of radiofrequency energy, electric pulses, and more to build muscle and reduce fat.

Our equipment targets fat in different parts of your body and uses the latest scientific techniques to safely remove it. You’ll look and feel better instantly with our range of technology for body sculpting in Tampa Bay.

About Erasable Med Spa

Erasable Med Spa is a veteran-owned aesthetics practice in Tampa that emphasizes personalized service, luxurious visits, and positive relationships. We combine military precision and coordination with compassion and caring. We believe that when we take care of one another, we can truly optimize how we look and feel. With our state-of-the-art devices and our medical expertise, any self-doubt you may have is erasable.


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