TruSculpt Flex: Am I A Good Candidate?

Erasable Inc Med Spa Answers All Your Questions About This New Bestselling Treatment.

We are all searching for ways to shape, firm, and tone our muscles. Routine exercisers or not, Erasable Inc Med Spa can help with all three through truSculpt flex. The first in Tampa to offer truSculpt® flex, Erasable Inc uses a personalized muscle-sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level, shape, and goals to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles. The best part? TruSculpt Flex’s comfortable, safe, and effective technology is clinically proven to increase an average of 30% muscle mass tailored to your individual needs. A non-invasive treatment that doesn’t cause pain and helps tone? Sign us up! Read the Q&A below to figure out if this treatment is right for you.
TruSculpt & You:
Q: How does it work?

A: ​TruSculpt flex uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS). A device that deploys a unique method of electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups using three treatment mode options replicating intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions, all while covering the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry.

Q: What is MDS exactly?

A: Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) is the device used in truSculpt treatment that uses a unique delivery of direct electrical muscle stimulation to treat specific muscle groups using three treatment mode options. Low levels of energy achieve deep muscle contractions at high intensity via a proprietary handpiece design with truGel.

Q: How Is TruSculpt Different From Other Muscle Sculpting Procedures?

A: TruSculpt is different in 4 major ways from other muscle-sculpting procedures-

  1. It’s Faster – Up to eight areas can be treated in each 45-minute session.
  2. It’s Safer – The unique truControl™ technology provides safe and consistent results through targeted, selective, and customizable delivery with less energy needed.
  3. Increased Muscle Thickness – Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% increase in muscle mass.
  4. It’s Versatile – Best of all, we can personalize the treatment for different fitness levels, body shapes, and goals.

Q: How customized can it get?A: Very! With three treatment mode options designed to simulate different workouts, truSculpt replicates intensified twisting, squat, and crunch actions. Based on the consultation, Erasable Inc Med Spa will develop a plan uniquely created to target the areas that you want to firm up.

​Q: Will I get results if I don’t do the whole treatment?A: As you know, everyone has a different outcome, but results are usually visible after the second session with maximum results visible 8-12 weeks after the last session.


Q: How often do I need treatment to maintain?

A:  For those brand new to the treatment, Erasable Inc Med Spa recommends 4-6 sessions with maintenance treatments performed every 2-3 months!

Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: Up to eight areas can be treated in one 45-minute session. Pretty fast, huh?

Q: What will it feel like?

A: As the treatment begins, patients feel a gentle contraction sensation and, as the intensity slowly increases, the muscle contraction intensifies but remains comfortable.

​Q: Is there no downtime?

A: No. Patients are able to immediately return to normal activities after the treatment. Post-procedure, patients may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and/or slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours. Erasable Inc Med Spa does recommend spacing treatments out 2 to 5 days apart with a minimum of 48 hours per session.

Trusculpt Flex at Erasable Inc MedSpa will work, and it’s great for those looking to save time in the gym. Commit once a quarter and see the results in your muscles tone and firmness. Ready to get flexed? Schedule a consultation with Erasable Inc Med Spa.