7 Ways To Treat Sunspots

Erasable Inc Medical Spa’s top ways to treat pesky sunspots when sunscreen doesn’t quite do the trick.

Let’s start with the basics. What are sunspots? Technically called lentigo; these spots are often called age spots or liver spots. They result from sun damage to your face, shoulders, hands, and anywhere that is frequently exposed to the sun. What do they look like? They are generally light brown to black spots that are flat, round, or oval in shape. You may notice after reading that you may have a few! It’s normal. Happens frequently when you forget to put on sunscreen. To prevent future damage, remember to keep applying sunscreen throughout your time in the sun. Whether it’s by the pool or running around on errands, the summer sun will find a way to shine on you, so the better you protect your skin, the fewer worries you’ll have about future sunspots sprouting up!

Ok, but what about the ones I currently have? You’re probably asking that question now that you’ve identified some areas that need some love. Thankfully, treatments can be found everywhere- in your backyard, kitchen, or with us at Erasable Inc Medical Spa! Here are our top 7 ways to treat sunspots:

PICO Genesis Laser Treatments One of the most common ways to treat sunspots is through laser treatments! Thankfully, we know a thing or two about those at Erasable Inc. For sunspots, we offer the PICO Genesis treatment to zap away sunspots leaving beautiful, radiant skin. The PICO Genesis treatment works when the laser uses its light to shatter unwanted pigmentation from the skin selectively. Feeling comparable to an electric razor, this laser treatment is pain-free! After 2-3 treatments, your skin will have perfectly thrown those sunspots some shade!

For more information on Erasable Inc Med Spa’s PICO Genesis Treatment, click here.

Vitamins C & E Want to skip on the lasers in favor of some dermatologist recommended remedies? Let our SkinMedica products slide onto your skin with all-natural vitamins C and E, which are the friendly vitamins found in most of our moisturizers and serums we use every day! These vitamins can be found in our SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex. Unfortunately, the complex only treats sunspots that already exist. Don’t worry though, SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair SPF will help prevent them too!

Arm yourself against sunspots with the SkinMedica line here.

HydraFacial What’s better than treating your sunspots while also treating yourself? That’s right, facials not only can be used for self-care and skin maintenance, but our HydraFacial can help correct your uneven skin tone caused by those sunkissed spots. With gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing, this facial cleanses, peels, extracts debris, and hydrates with a nourishing serum that gives your skin a maximized glow.

Resurface with our HydraFacial here.

Aloe Aloe plants are a staple in our Tampa backyard! Thank goodness because it is also one of the best ways to treat burns and sunspots. Just cut open a leaf and apply that cool, gooey gel to your sunspot while you literally say “ahhh” from the aloe’s cooling effects. Or visit your market to buy a bottle.
Microneedling. This collagen-induced therapy is meant to trigger the body’s natural wounding process to speed up healing wrinkles and uneven skin tone like sunspots. Luckily, Erasable Inc Med Spa offers this service using the FDA-approved SkinPen. Patients see brighter, younger, and more even-toned skin with just 24 hours of downtime.

IPL Intense Pulsed Light Another one of our favorite laser treatments is IPL. IPL uses light energy and heat to bring pigment to the surface where it scabs up and flakes off, leaving skin looking more even-toned and brighter. This procedure takes only 30-45 min with no downtime.

Book your Microneedling or IPL appointment here.

There you have it! Our top ways to treat sunspots. Before performing any of the professional services listed above, schedule a physical exam to make sure your sunspots are indeed sunspots. Sometimes, these spots can be melasma or, worse, melanoma. Be sure before treating! And when you get the all-clear, visit us at Erasable Inc Med Spa! We’d love the help rid you of those pesky sunspots.