best tattoo removal options
best tattoo removal options

Although tattoos are perceived to be permanent, they are not permanent when undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments from Erasable Inc.

​Removal techniques have changed immensely over the last decade and our tattoo removal technology and procedures are considered to be the most effective way to remove tattoo ink. We have heard many myths about tattoo removal procedures and we would like to provide you with the facts in order for you to make the right decision.

Myth #1: Laser Tattoo Removal Creates Severe Scarring

Our procedures do not leave any visible scarring in the way that dermabrasion and skin grafting does. We realize that older equipment and procedures may cause some scarring, however, our modern machines and techniques are much safer for the skin.

Myth #2: Removing a Tattoo Is Painful

The process of removing tattoos is described by many as having a rubber band snapped on the skin. While some patients can find the process uncomfortable, the quick duration of the procedure combined with a variety of numbing agents that we make available all combine to ensure our patients can complete their treatments.

Myth #3: Removing a Tattoo is Expensive

Erasable Inc’s laser tattoo removal process provides the best value in terms of effectiveness and safety for your skin. The price of tattoo removal is dependent upon a large number of factors like the amount of color, the size, and the location of the tattoo. Since everyone is unique, we offer free consultations to properly assess your ink and create a customized treatment plan.

If you have any questions about having tattoos removed or would like to schedule a consultation with our laser tattoo removal clinic, please feel free to contact us today at 813-333-9971 or book online.

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