Putting our best face forward can be scary, especially when considering the right place to receive the ever-popular skin peel treatment. So how to choose? Well, first, let’s go over what you’re getting. A chemical peel is a process of accelerating exfoliation that uses a chemical solution on your skin to smooth out acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and other facial issues like hyperpigmentation. How does it work? After applying the peel, your skin will take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the strength of the solution, to shed off a layer, making room for visibly new and younger-looking skin. As you can see, anything with chemicals should be administered by a professional! Here are Erasable Inc Med Spa’s tips for choosing the right peel provider for you.


Choose The Right Peel As we said above, the peel’s duration lasts as long as the strength is needed for the peel, aka the needs of your skin. You can choose a light peel to receive a deeper exfoliation than your normal mask or cleanser. Or reduce wrinkles by pumping up the peel a notch. So it’s up to you! Evaluate your skin and see what issue you’d like to tackle then take a look at our SkinMedica peels. Each with different strengths and targeted issues, you can find the right peel for your skin. 


Do Your Research Ok; you chose the perfect kind of peel. Check! Now it’s time to do some research on professionals in the Tampa area. Who do you feel comfortable with to administer your peel? If you have a spa that you regularly go-to for other skin treatments, consider them first! If they don’t offer chemical peels, we don’t advise doing it at home. There are some at-home peels out there, but since the nature of these peels involves chemicals, don’t take the risk! Being relaxed, head rested on the table with someone else applying the peel will get you the best results. Ask your friends, consult Google or Yelp, and choose your top 3 medical spas.


Get A Consultation Now that you have your 3 medical spas in mind, schedule a consultation! Most spas will require you to book a consultation in the first place to make sure the peel you chose from their products is the best option for your skin. Going in for a consultation will give you a look into their staff’s knowledge, overall vibe, and moods of patients in the spa. This will help determine who you trust most and feel the most comfortable with!


Try A Different Treatment You’re almost ready to book that peel and be on your way to brighter, clearer skin. But…you’re feeling a little uncertain still. We get it! Some skin treatments are more intimidating than others, so it’s natural to feel hesitant about a chemical peel. So why not test your chosen spa out by getting another treatment? You can treat yourself, test out your spa, and feel confident booking your next treatment all-in-one-go. Win-win!

At Erasable Inc, you can count on us, providing the best range of chemical peels with our SkinMedica line and the best staff in Tampa to administer it for better-looking skin. We’ll prove it to you! Schedule a consultation.

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