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Refresh and Renew Your Complexion

Using the power of light to heal skin damage and signs of aging? Yes, it’s possible! At Erasable Med Spa, our skincare specialists use our BBL laser in Tampa to help our patients achieve rejuvenating results with minimal downtime. BBL treatments can erase discoloration caused by pigments in your skin, reduce wrinkles, and restore your skin tone. The entire treatment is completely customizable to your skin’s needs, making it perfect for all skin types and tones.

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Sessions Needed:

3 to 6

Results Duration:


What it Treats

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Rosacea or redness
  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Lesions and scars
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Acne

Unlock Your Natural Glow

What to Expect

The BBL Laser Process

Step 1: Consultation

When you visit Erasable Med Spa for treatment with our BBL laser in Tampa, you’ll start off with a complimentary consultation with one of our laser specialists. During this conversation, we take the time to examine your skin and learn more about your goals in order to develop your personalized treatment plan. After that, we move forward with your treatment!

Step 2: Treatment

During your appointment, you’ll sit back and relax while wearing the protective goggles we’ll provide. We’ll apply a topical numbing cream to prep your skin and keep you comfortable during the treatment. Then, your laser specialist will gently glide the BBL device across your skin, focusing on any particular target areas such as discoloration, rosacea, or wrinkles.

Step 3: Results

After your session with the BBL laser in Tampa, you’re free to return to your normal activities. There may be some slight redness, depending on your level of treatment. You’ll be able to apply makeup 24 hours after your session. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized and wear sunscreen to minimize discomfort and ensure the treatment delivers the best results.

How BBL Works

BBL skin rejuvenation works by using powerful BroadBand Light (BBL). BBL is an intense pulsed light that penetrates your skin to target pigment, blood vessels, or other discolorations. This process will damage the target area and prompt your skin cells to begin healing your skin. As your skin heals, it will reduce wrinkles and lines in addition to removing any discolorations.

Our BBL laser in Tampa can be filtered to different light settings to target different kinds of discoloration. No matter what, the treatment is safe and causes no damage to your regular skin cells!

The Erasable Effect

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Erasable Med Spa is comprehensive aesthetics practice in Tampa that emphasizes personalized service, luxurious visits, and positive relationships. We believe in delivering high-quality care using the best aesthetic technology to help every one of our patients look and feel their best. We use an array of state-of-the-art devices combined with our medical expertise so that any aesthetic concerns you may have is erasable.


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Benefits of the BBL Laser in Tampa


With our expertise, we can customize your treatment to your skin’s unique needs. We’ll develop a unique treatment plan just for you.


Our BBL device uses unique cooling technology to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure, so there’s no need to worry about pain!


Most patients see skin improvements in just 1 treatment of BBL, and subsequent sessions can lead to truly stunning results for you skin.

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