What to Expect

The Injection Process

01 Consultation

When you visit Erasable Med Spa for Dysport or Botox in Tampa, we first want to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. We take this time to learn more about you and to collaborate on your aesthetic goals. After that, we create a long-term treatment plan based on your wants and needs. Then, we can move forward with your Botox or Dysport injection!

02 Injection

During your appointment, you have your own suite where you have access to your coffee, music, movies—whatever makes you comfortable! Our certified injector will assess the treatment area before applying a series of tiny injections. The botulinum toxin in these injections temporarily relaxes or paralyzes wrinkles formed by muscle movement.

03 Follow-Up

You won’t have any downtime after receiving Dysport or Botox in Tampa, but it is normal to experience minimal redness or swelling. After that, you can come back for your follow-up injection to maintain your results every 3 to 4 months!

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