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Losing weight and burning fat takes plenty of time and effort. But sometimes, even diet and exercise aren’t enough to get the results you’d like to see. 

If you’re interested in getting rid of excess fat and improving your body contours, TruSculpt ID can help. TruSculpt ID is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that’s quick, comfortable, and effective. 

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What Is TruSculpt ID?

TruSculpt ID is a platform used primarily for fat reduction and body sculpting. It works for both men and women of nearly any physical shape or body size. 

One of the most significant differences between TruSculpt ID and other fat reduction treatments is the short amount of time each treatment takes. While other procedures take an hour or longer per session, TruSculpt ID can begin reducing fat in just 15 minutes.

The treatment itself is comfortable and relaxing — yet very effective. Whether you’re looking to begin your journey or are interested in supplementing your healthy lifestyle, TruSculpt ID can provide exceptional results. 

How TruSculpt ID Works

Radiofrequency is what sets TruSculpt ID apart.

TruSculpt ID handpieces are placed on the treatment area. Once the treatment begins, radiofrequency energy targets fat cells. The fat cells are heated and destroyed. Then, they are naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system and excreted from the body. 

Benefits of TruSculpt ID

Aside from the noticeable results of TruSculpt ID, some of the most substantial benefits of this treatment include:

The TruSculpt ID before and afters truly speak for themselves. Patients walk away satisfied with their results, feeling better and fitter than before. 

What to Expect for Your TruSculpt ID Treatment

Before you begin your TruSculpt ID treatment, we’ll meet to discuss your areas of concern and desired results. We’ll assess your target areas and create a personalized treatment plan.

On the day of your first session, you’ll sit back and relax as we place the handpieces on the treatment areas. You’ll have the opportunity to rest or engage in an activity, like reading, while you pass the time. 

After your treatment is done, you’re free to return to normal activity with no downtime. 

TruSculpt ID — Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to TruSculpt ID, you may have several questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this procedure. Should you have additional concerns, we’re happy to discuss them with you during your appointment. 

What Does TruSculpt ID Feel Like?

During treatment, you’ll feel the area warm up as the radiofrequency energy targets and destroys fat. Many patients report the sensation of a hot stone massage. 

When Can I Expect to See TruSculpt ID Results?

TruSculpt ID does not provide instant results. Instead, progress is gradual.

Your body needs time to eliminate fat cells naturally. Even after your sessions are over, your body is still working to remove fat cells. Therefore, you’ll likely begin to see results after about four to six weeks. 

Most patients achieve their final results after eight to twelve weeks. However, result times vary, as every patient’s body is different.

Are Results of TruSculpt ID Permanent?

In short, yes, the results of TruSculpt ID can be permanent. After fat cells are destroyed, your body cannot produce new ones. 

Nonetheless, to continue enjoying the results of your TruSculpt ID treatment, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and physical activity. 

How Many TruSculpt ID Sessions Do I Need?

The number of TruSculpt ID treatments you need depends on your body, how many areas you wish to treat, and your desired outcome. We’ll go over your body goals and examine treatment areas to determine how many sessions would give you maximum results. 

What Areas of the Body Does TruSculpt ID Treat?

TruSculpt ID is frequently used to eliminate fat in several areas of the body, including:

The number of areas you wish to treat and your treatment goals will help us determine how many sessions you’ll need.

How Do I Know if TruSculpt ID Is Right for Me?

Adult men and women of different ages, body types, and fitness levels can achieve great results from TruSulpt ID. Many turn to this treatment when they feel they’ve hit a plateau and need some help burning off stubborn fat. 

Additionally, some patients feel it gives them an extra boost and complements their already existing exercise routine.

If you’re unsure whether TruSculpt ID would benefit you, we’re happy to discuss how this treatment could positively impact your body contour. 

What Makes TruSculpt ID Different from Other Fat Reduction Treatments?

It’s no secret there are several options for fat reduction treatments. CoolSculpting, for example, is one of the most well-known and popular. 

CoolSculpting is a type of cryolipolysis fat-freezing treatment. Instead of burning fat cells, like TruSculpt ID, it freezes them. While both methods can provide patients with excellent results, CoolSculpting is not recommended for certain patients, like those who are sensitive to cold. 

While every fat reduction treatment has its benefits, many patients prefer TruSculpt ID and the results they experience. 

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TruSculpt ID is a revolutionary way to kill off fat cells and see noticeable results. When you’re ready to take the next step, schedule an appointment with us at Erasable MedSpa. We proudly serve patients in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you accomplish your body goals.

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