Expect Comfort and Luxury From Coolsculpting in Tampa, Florida

coolsculpting experience

Find out what everyone is raving about with Coolsculpting! Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that helps freeze stubborn fat away so patients can feel confident showing off in their best summer outfits. FDA-approved (as well as Real Housewives-approved), the Coolsculpting technique uses a controlled cooling technique that is gentle and effective. With your fat cells becoming crystallized […]

Beauty Trends We Are Loving In 2019

coolsculpting tampa

  The best in beauty that Erasable Inc Med Spa is keeping an eye on this season Trends, trends, trends. We love them, but there are plenty of ‘em! Which do you choose to follow? Where is the best place to go for them? Don’t worry! Erasable Inc Med Spa is here to keep on top […]

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