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Summer is officially on its way! Time to start packing your winter clothes away in favor of sandals and bikinis. Before you throw your favorite swimsuit on and hit the beach it’s essential to prep for Summer’s upcoming heat, salt, and sun. Don’t let the Summer elements take a toll on your mind and body. Here are Erasable Inc Med Spa’s top tips for getting you Summer ready!


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Summer used to mean a complete break from school, but these days you have to work hard in order to enjoy your stress-free Summer weekends. To take full advantage of turning off your work notifications to savor those Summer moments, take some time to focus on your mind!
Five minutes a day is all you need to clear your mind with meditation. Try downloading a meditation app to take a small break after your PM traffic battle. After five days of practicing, you’ll have a clear mind to fill with focusing on connecting with loved ones or focusing completely on your new beach read.
Speaking of beach reads, check out this year’s picks to fill your tote with for your next pool day. Getting lost in your imagination exercises those brain muscles without you knowing it! So grab that margarita, put on some sunscreen, and relax while you read the latest dystopian thriller before it becomes a movie!
Our last mind prep tip may be the most difficult, but you’ll see the best results come time to live in the moment. Ditch your phone for a couple of hours at a time to refocus on yourself. Take yourself or your family out on a date without Instagramming. Best way to get started? Set a time to put your phone aside at night before performing your nightly routines! Stay present without technology.
Now that you’ve reached peak zen in your mind, let’s move on to prepping your body for the Summer weather!


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Let’s face it, we may love Summer’s plentiful vitamin C, but the sun can easily be a foe for the ill-prepared. With Erasable Inc Med Spa based in one of most sunny cities- Tampa, Florida – we are the experts when it comes to prepping your body to take on looking and feeling good in your season’s best. 
Don’t let the sun take the energy out of you making a full day of plans then canceling in favor of staying in the cool air conditioning. The best way to keep your energy intact against the heat is to get your workout routine down pat. 
Getting back to exercising or even sticking to a workout routine is difficult! It even becomes dull after a couple of weeks. Luckily, the Summer brings more opportunities to get your workout from indoors to outdoors. Break out the paddle-board, kayak the many local nature preserves and push yourself by perfecting your breaststroke. You can even skip the studio for hot yoga and just bring your yoga mat to your backyard. Many possibilities to shake up your regularly scheduled workout. See the difference it makes to your stamina! That way you can make plans with your friends at the drop of the dime.
What’s the point of getting your body Summer ready if you’re not eating right? Break out your blender to create some juices and smoothies to add a little extra nutrition to your daily diet and don’t forget to stay hydrated with water! Make sure to fill your water bottle every time you leave the house. Your skin and body will thank you for it.
Sometimes exercise combined with eating right doesn’t melt away that stubborn winter fat fast enough. We’ve been there! Thankfully, Erasable Inc Med Spa has exactly what you need to get you feeling your best. Our CoolSculpting treatment uses science to help get your body in shape on top of your Summer prep routine. CoolSculpting already sounds delightful in any Summer scenario, but how does it work? This non-invasive FDA-approved procedure freezes fat cells by using CoolSculpting technology to safely cool and target fat cells underneath your skin resulting in your fat cells crystallizing and dying. Over time, your body will naturally process the fat and eliminate dead cells, leaving that stubborn winter fat behind! Book our CoolSculpting Fat Reduction session today! Getting rid of winter never sounded better.

Skin + Hair Care

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There is nothing more important than protecting your skin this Summer. You may do well to drink enough water to combat dehydration, but your skincare routine should completely change from combating those harsh winter days. 
Skip the heavy moisturizers in favor of a sheer BB cream with sunscreen to avoid clogged pores in the daytime and a special hydrator serum for nighttime. Reach for the tints with sunscreen instead of matte lipsticks. And this Summer, focus on letting your skin breathe while protecting it with sunscreen. Visit Erasable Inc Med Spa’s online store to find your perfect Summer skincare products.
After all that hard work getting healthy and perfecting your Summer skincare routine, it’s time to treat yourself! This could be with a new ‘do. Shed the darker colors in favor of a lighter balayage or get experimental with a whole new color! Have fun with your mane, just make sure to nourish those locks by moisturizing once a week with coconut oil or a hair mask. Haircare already is taken care of? Then jump start your Summer skincare routine by visiting us at Erasable Inc in Tampa, FL for a facial! Leave feeling relaxed with a pre-Summer glow.  
Ready to take in the Summer? Tell us how you Summer prep by tagging us at #erasableincmedspa.

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