Erasable Inc. was born in 2014 as a direct result of co-founder, nurse practitioner and Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard, Loretta Zanetti’s experience.

Having done a rotation in a medical recruiting unit, she became aware of the limitations tattoos placed on aspiring members of the military and saw an opportunity to make a difference. 

Laser tattoo removal is a unique process that requires the right blend of technology, expertise and patience to achieve fantastic results. 

Building on a track record of success by putting people first, Loretta has been able to take many of the lessons learned in the Army and bring them to the medical spa setting. 

Best practices continue to evolve and the entire team at Erasable Inc. is committed to lifelong learning. 

In her spare time, Loretta continues to serve as an officer and medical provider in the Puerto Rico Army National Guard.

Loretta Zanetti Basic Training
Loretta Zanetti Army Ambulance
Loretta Zanetti Army Winter Training
Loretta Zanetti Army Weapons Range
Loretta Zanetti LTC