I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a skincare addict. This also makes me the first to admit that I’m extremely particular about what products and services I use. I get facials fairly regularly, probably every 2 months, laser treatments every quarter, micro-needling bi-annually, along with a fairly basic day-to-day skincare regimen. I’ve had my eye on the Hydrafacial at Erasable Med Spa in Tampa for a while so when my skin had a serious freak-out, I figured it was time to give it a shot.


I visited Erasable Med Spa at their location in Tampa and was immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist. I was offered water or coffee and then taken into the photo room for a quick first cleanse and some before shots of my skin.

From there, I was taken to the Hydrafacial room and laid down on a super comfy chair and given an overview of the procedure and showed the machine by Ashley, my aesthetician that would be doing my Hydrafacial.

The Hydrafacial starts with a second cleanse to get off any additional remaining dirt, oil, and makeup before the process starts. The Hydrafacial includes 4 main steps, all completed from the same machine, starting with the exfoliating step which includes glucosamine rejuvenating liquid to remove dead cells and skin buildup. The exfoliation process isn’t uncomfortable at all, like some microdermabrasion can be, and I could feel a noticeable difference as Ashley was working across my face.

After the first step, next comes a peel solution of 7.5% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid. The “peel” isn’t intended to actually peel your skin like a standard skin peel, but rather help attack any underlying bacteria that may be causing blemishes as well as even out your skin texture to help reduce any bumps or uneven patches on the surface of your skin.

The third step is consists of extractions using a willow bark and Tasmania fruit solution. This combination helps with oily and congested skin but this step and solutions can be customized to fit your specific skin needs at the time. There is a bit of a vacuum and suction feeling during this step but it’s not uncomfortable and leaves your skin feeling like it’s actually breathing better. This step, along with step three, also allows the ingredients of the fourth step to better penetrate your skin by removing dead skin cells from the top and any debris that may be living in your pores.

The fourth and final step is referred to as Vortex fusion and utilizes an advanced antioxidant solution enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid. This step is the “hydra” part of the hydra facial as it forces beneficial antioxidants and hydration into your skin and is what helps create the “Hydrafacial glow”.

That’s it! Glowing, clear skin in 4 easy steps. And the best part? My skin kept getting better EVERY DAY after. By the fifth day, my skin was so smooth and glowing and my makeup went on SO easily. 

Added bonus, I had the treatment in the evening and since I had all of those amazing ingredients on my skin I was able to leave them on overnight and not wash my face. Gents, this treatment isn’t just for the ladies either. Regardless of whether or not you are into skincare, the treatment just FEELS good and your radiant skin after will be an added bonus.

Anyone that’s curious about the Hydrafacial treatment or is looking for a Hydrafacial in the Tampa Bay Area I HIGHLY recommend Erasable Med Spa. Beyond their Hydrafacial treatment, they offer a variety of treatments for your skin including micro-needling, Cutera laser, Botox, and fillers just to name a few. You can visit them online at www.erasablemedspa.com or call them directly at (813) 333-9971.


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