Covid-19 Testing

Quick Covid-19 Testing
By Appointment = No Lines!
Drive-Up Service = Never Leave Your Vehicle
Results to Your Phone in 30-Minutes

  • Rapid antigen test detects the presence of the virus
  • Authorized by the FDA under a EUA
  • Highly accurate (89% sensitive and 99% specific)
  • Results in 30-minutes
  • Touchless booking and payment
  • 5-minute paperwork that is 100% digital and can be completed right on your phone
  • Documentation with results available same day
  • Results read and documented by licensed medical providers
    Why is Our Test Better than an “At-Home” Test?
    Official medical documentation that can be used for:
    ✓ Air travel or other commercial travel
    ✓ Medical documentation for return to work
    ✓ Peace of mind
    ✓ Safe for children age 2 and older


  • $149 Primary Household Member
  • Primary + 1 Household Member: $248 (Save $50.00!)
  • Primary + 2 Household Members: $347 (Save $100.00!)
  • Primary + 3 Household Members: $446 (Save $150.00!)

Ready to Buy and Schedule Your Covid-19 Test?
5 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Click the “Pay Now” button below

STEP 2: Once you have paid, on this page, click the “Schedule Your Covid-19 Test” button below. Pick a day and time convenient to you from the calendar. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email from us within a few moments.

** Remember, you must pay BEFORE you book your appointment

STEP 3: 24-hours before your appointment, you will receive a reminder message with a simple 5-minute online Consent form to complete prior to your appointment. Please take a few moments to complete as soon as you receive it by text or email.

STEP 4: Drive to our offices at 4144 N. Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607 at your scheduled time. When you arrive, Tap the button below to text us from your phone or manually text us at: +1(813)333-9971. We will come out to your vehicle and promptly to administer your test(s).

STEP 5: Check your phone in 30-minutes and you will find your test results! It’s that easy!

Need a test in less than 24 hours? Call our office directly.

Your ErasableMedSpa Provider Team


89% sensitive, 100% specific.

What does that mean 89% sensitive and 99% specific mean?

Sensitivity – if you test 100 people known to be COVID-19 positive, 89 will have a positive result, meaning there can be some false negatives.

Specificity – if you test 100 people known to be COVID-19 negative, 100 will test negative, meaning no false positives.

No test is 100% accurate in medicine. While many tests approach 100% there will always be some false-positive and false-negative results.

We worked to find a test that had no false positives. If you feel that you may have received a false negative result based on your symptoms, we recommend you follow up with a PCR test.

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