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Comprehensive Best Acne Treatment Plan

You want the Best Acne Treatment. Everyone has experienced acne at some point in their life. For some people, it can become a major aesthetic issue that affects your well-being. ErasableMedSpa has an advanced, multi-faceted approach to helping acne sufferers with a customized treatment plan. Acne is a common skin condition caused by the inflammation of our sebaceous glands through the overproduction of oil. Acne can be painful, bothersome, and even embarrassing. 

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Best Acne Treatments

Acne scarring is treated by RF microneedling & CO2 laser resurfacing. Acne Filler is also an option.

We have invested in the innovative Cutera Xeo system to stop these troublesome skin blemishes. The Xeo acne procedure at Erasable Inc. is a practical, 1064nm Nd: YAG laser-based procedure that changes the treatment of acne once and for all – by starting at the root of the problem.

So how does it work? The treatment stops the inflammation and spread of bacteria by directing pulses of light energy onto the skin’s affected area. The light energy is absorbed by compounds called porphyrins that live inside bacteria. The absorption of energy stimulates the porphyrins, triggering a photoelectrochemical process that eliminates bacteria and effectively stops unwanted breakouts. The removal of bacteria helps reduce unwanted symptoms of acne. Furthermore, Xeo acne treatments significantly reduce sebum and oil levels.

Most patients will need 3 to 4 treatments before seeing desired results.* Over a series of treatments, patients will experience fewer breakouts and inflammation. Xeo acne treatments can even address the appearance of early acne scars. Additional maintenance treatments may be desired to continue achieving results. The Xeo acne treatment is safe for all skin tones, and we will assess if you are a candidate for treatment at your free initial consultation.

For these reasons, ErasableMedSpa is known for offering the Best Acne Treatment you can find!

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Cutera XEO System

Ongoing Maintenance for Clear Skin

ErasableMedSpa highly suggests using the SkinMedica® product line for optimal, long-lasting results. SkinMedica® is a leading developer of innovative skincare treatments that have been clinically tested and approved by physicians’ offices throughout the country. Their complete 3-step acne system includes a purifying foaming wash, purifying toner, and acne lotion that significantly reduces acne blemishes. These revitalizing acne products are perfect for maintaining clear-skin results from your Xeo treatment. SkinMedica® also offers various skin peels and serums to keep your skin looking young, fresh, and smooth. This is why ErasableMedSpa offers the Best Acne Treatment you can find!

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acne treatment results before
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Cutera Xeo laser treatments and SkinMedica® products at Erasable Inc. are an excellent, multidimensional approach for anyone looking to reduce their acne. If you have been suffering from acne and want a clearer complexion, call Erasable Inc. today to consult with our skincare experts and find the best treatment plan for your unique complexion and needs.

​*Results and patient experience may vary.

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