Find out what everyone is raving about with Coolsculpting! Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that helps freeze stubborn fat away so patients can feel confident showing off in their best summer outfits. FDA-approved (as well as Real Housewives-approved), the Coolsculpting technique uses a controlled cooling technique that is gentle and effective. With your fat cells becoming crystallized then fading away, you can reshape your body by saying goodbye to problem areas and hello to a more confident you!

As Erasable Inc Med Spa is located in sunny Florida, we are constantly showing leg or body in our bathing suits to combat the beach heat. So we know a thing or two about stubborn fat. It is no wonder that Coolsculpting has become one of our bestselling spa services. With Erasable Inc Med Spa, you are guaranteed to find our Coolsculpting procedure living up to your best expectations!

Check out how Coolsculpting takes the cake at Erasable Inc Med Spa:


Little to No Downtime
Erasable Inc Med Spa will get you back to your normally scheduled Tampa routine in little to no downtime. Since Coolsculpting is non-invasive, you are not under any anesthesia or pain from the procedure. You’re in, then you’re out! Back to work, enjoying the outdoors, or running the rest of your day’s errands! Comfy & Cozy

Erasable Inc Med Spa takes your comfort seriously. That is why we created our luxurious, accommodating Sapphire Suite that is suited perfectly for your Coolsculpting needs. Exclusive to only Coolsculpting patients, you get the best chair in the house in one of our most quiet and spacious spa rooms. 


Continue Your Binge

Not only do we take your physical comfort seriously with the Coolsculpting Sapphire Suite, but we encourage you to catch up on your favorite shows. That’s right, Erasable Inc Med Spa has Netflix right at your fingertips so you can catch up on The Crown before the new season drops or re-watch The Great British Bake Off from the comfort of your chair.

Work Remote

For our hard workers, Erasable Inc Med Spa offers free wifi so you can catch up on emails, hop on a call, or write a review on us! The best part of Coolsculpting is the ability to continue on with your day during and after your treatment. You can even order a Fresh Kitchen lunch with Uber Eats while working and sculpting at the same time.


​​What’s not to like about this procedure? Look good. Feel good from every angle with Coolsculpting at Erasable Inc Med Spa in Tampa, FL. Book a consultation with Erasable Inc Med Spa today to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your body, goals, and budget.

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